I love that dirty water: Home Sweet Home

Hello again!

I disappeared there for a bit! Sorry about that!

For those of you wondering what I’ve been up to, I recently went back to the USA for a few weeks to visit family and attend my little sister’s High School graduation! (I am so proud of her!)

Life back home is sooo different from my life in Paris which is why I thought it might be fun to give you all a peak at where I come from and what I do for fun when I’m in the States.

Cutting out all the bla bla and getting straight to the pictures, here are some highlights from my trip:

  • Went for a walk on a peaceful wooded bike path with my mum, the hubby, and the pug.
  • walkVisited my sister’s future college 😀 Such a beautiful campus! Went a bit crazy at the school store too…
E and my cousin waiting for our BBQ

E and my cousin waiting for our BBQ

  • Went to dinner & a show in Boston with the bestie. The show we saw was a comedy theater called “Improv Asylum.”  I was nervous they were going to make me get up in front of everyone but they didn’t : ) (FYI: Even if they call on you it’s only to ask you to answer a question or two – it’s really not that bad). But yeah, it was very funny. If you have Improv Asylum performing in your city, you should go see it.


  • GRADUATION!! I can’t believe she’s all grown up!! Although the speeches were a bit long, the whole receiving the diploma part went by crazy fast. The kids skipped across the stage so quickly that my pictures were literally blurry.
  • The graduation party with the fam! And what’s a family cook out without a little wiffle ball to spice things up?
Mi padre at the bat

Mi padre at the bat

That’s all folks.

I fit tons of other fun things into my stay (kayaking, shopping, ice cream outings, a campfire, and more) but I have no pictures to prove it. Our trip was a whirlwind.

My return to Paris has been bittersweet.


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