Brunch Chez Tantine

Chez Tantine brunch, Paris 17th

Chez Tantine, Paris 17th

The best part about having so many days off in May, is that I’ve had a lot of time to discover new areas of Paris and go out with friends.

On my latest excursion, I went to have a “girls brunch” at a little salon de thé in the 17th.  My friends picked the place.  Using the site “OuBruncher,” they searched for a resto with good reviews, in a part of Paris we’ve never been, and that would be open even though it was a holiday.  The result of their search: Chez Tantine! 


51 Rue Laugier, 75017 Paris

Metro: Pereire (line 3), Ternes (line 2)

I took the PC1 bus from Porte d’Auteuil and had to walk a bit. It was a beautiful day though so I didn’t mind. Plus, walking gave me a chance to get to know the area and I even discovered the Promendade Pereire nearby! (a part of the Petite Ceinture that has been turned into a long, green garden)

The Ambiance:

Cosy.  This little tea room feels like home – and well it should! The owner, Corinne, (aka “Tantine,” a cute name for “Aunt” in French), said that a lot of the decorations and furniture were actually given to her by her grandparents! The wall paper that brightens up the walls is extra left over from her family too : )

Chez Tantine brunch, Paris 17th

Chez Tantine, ground floor

Chez Tantine, Paris 17th

Comfy chairs and knitting material, downstairs, Chez Tantine

My Experience:

The first thing that caught my attention once I was seated on the comfy couch in the basement of the restaurant, was the pile of board games.  I like to eat, but I love when restaurants go above and beyond to offer you something more than the food – a great experience!  We didn’t end up playing anything because we had so much to talk about, but I would love to go back there again on a rainy day with a few friends and break out the game of Scrabble.

Tempted by the “Chevre & Chorizo” quiche, I decided to go ahead and order the whole “brunch menu” (although, the regular breakfast seemed quite copious in itself).

The brunch came with a quiche + a hot drink + a cold drink + 3 types of bread + butter, jam, & honey + a plain homemade yogurt + “oeuf à la coque” (soft-boiled egg).

The manager did an amazing job finding fresh and original products to serve.

Chez Tantine Paris brunch

So much food! @ Chez Tantine

To drink, I got an organic blue tea (I think it was called Lhasa) and a passion fruit juice by the French “fresh juice” company, Kookabarra.  Both products were absolutely delicious!  They have a blueberry juice too that I really want to try the next time I go.

Chez Tantine Paris thé

Thé Bio, Chez Tantine

For breads, Tantine goes to a Swedish bakery in the neighborhood.  The 3 breads that we got were potato, whole grain, and apple (Now those are flavors that are hard to come by in France!).  My favorite was the potato bread.

The jam selection that day was blueberry and “strawberry crumble” from Les Jardins de Marie.  The strawberry crumble was to die for!  I followed the example of my French friends and mixed it in with my yogurt.  It was like tasting a slice of heaven.

jam chez tantine paris

Jams, Chez Tantine

As for the egg?  It think eating oeuf à la coque is really fun! haha  Basically your egg is only partially cooked.  You open it up and eat the yellow part by dipping strips of bread into it – the rest you eat with a spoon!  I had never done this before I moved to France, but it’s really yummy.

Chez Tantine, Paris

Tartes, Chez Tantine

Drinks, Chez Tantine Paris

Drinks, Chez Tantine


Ptit déj: 15 €
Gros déj: 19 €
Brunch: 19.50 €

See complete menu & prices here : MENU

En Bref:

A wonderful little address that I would recommend to anyone.  The products are top quality, the service is impeccable, and the ambiance is relaxing and homey – perfect for brunch with your other half or with friends.


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