La Cantina di Luca: Funky Pizzeria in the 8th

Cantina di Luca, Paris

Cantina di Luca, Paris 8th

A few weeks ago, 3 of my girlfriends and I decided to meet up for dinner to chat and catch up.  Now, choosing a place to eat can be really difficult for me… There’s so many things to take into consideration: it has to be a place with good food (obvs), a food type that everyone is in the mood for (“How about Japanese?” “Ugh, I just had sushi last night…”), decent prices, and at a central location that’s easy for everyone to get to (we all come from different areas of Paris).

Thinking back to my night out at Casa Luca Neil, I remembered that the host there had talked about another Italian restaurant that they owned in the 8th arrondissement – La Cantina di Luca.  After a quick Google search I discovered that the restaurant was on La Fourchette (score!).  They seemed to meet all my requirements, so I made a reservation!


12 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris

1 minute walk from the metro Alma-Marceau (line 9). Not far from the Champs-Élysées or the Eiffel Tower, so the neighborhood is quite nice… but besides going out to eat, there’s not much to do there.  You’d have to walk a few blocks to one of touristy areas to find any shops.

The ambiance:

My first thought when walking in to the restaurant was “fun!”  The walls are covered with chalkboards that have Italian writing all over them, there is a tiled pizza oven in the middle of the restaurant for everyone to see, and they have a huge, family-style table that takes up a big part of the sitting area (probably great for birthday parties!).  The colors scheme is a warm red and modern black.  A great place for couples or groups of friends.

Pizza oven @ Cantina di Luca

Pizza oven @ Cantina di Luca

My Experience:

When we got there the place seemed almost empty. Although there were a few other customers that night, the tables were all spread out so the restaurant remained rather quiet. We got a table in the middle with a good view of pizza oven.

2015-03-26 2015-03-26 001 004

The waitress that we had seemed typically French – she wasn’t mean but she didn’t seem thrilled to be there (and since waiters in France don’t live off of their tips, they don’t have to be overly nice).  The pizza chef was a sweetheart though – He even listened to me patiently while I rambled on in English (For a second, I forgot I was in France and that the de facto language is French… This happens to other people too, right?)

Waiting for our food

Waiting for our food

Still waiting... and geeking out on our phones?

Still waiting… and geeking out on our phones?

Our “La Fourchette” reservation came with entre + plat or plat + dessert. I got the eggplant/tomato salad for an entre and an eggplant & mozzarella pizza for my main dish.

aubergine pizza cantina di luca paris

Eggplant Pizza – Miam!

The pizza was delicious!! But since I have little stomach I couldn’t finish it all – good news though: they do doggy bags! So I took the rest of my pizza home with me : )

Tiramisu cantina di luca paris


I was way too full to try dessert but my friend got the Tiramisu and it looked really good!


Without reduction from La Fourchette…

9 – 22 € for an entre
18 – 25 € for a main dish (plat)
8 – 12 € for a dessert

As you can see, if you don’t get a reduction, the restaurant is a bit too pricey.

En Bref:

Really cool looking restaurant – I really love the deco. As I mentioned above, it seems like a nice place to have a big get-together like a birthday party.  Not somewhere I’d go every week though because I think the prices are a bit high.  Definitely worth it if you get a reduction from La Fourchette.

A pizza a day

A pizza a day, keeps the doctor away!


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