The Train Track Garden: Jardin du Ruisseau [Walk #6]

Jardin du Ruisseau petite ceinture Paris

Jardin du Ruisseau, Gare d’Ornano

After a big brunch at La Recyclerie for my birthday, my friends and I decided to make the best of the lovely weather and go for a walk.

During our brunch we had noticed a small garden across the train tracks from the restaurant where people were picnicking. Curious, we took a bridge to the other side of the tracks and found ourselves in the Jardin du Ruisseau (110 bis Rue du Ruisseau, Paris 75018).  Like La Recyclerie, the garden occupies one of the abandoned platforms of what used to be La Gare d’Ornano (part of the petite ceinture).

Although open to the public on most sunny days, the garden is run by a group of members so there are no set “hours” like typical Parisian parks.  You either have to call ahead to find out, or hope that one of the members is in the mood for some gardening the day you decide to go! If you’re ever in the area though, you should definitely swing by to check it out – it’s a cute place for a romantic tête-à-têtes.  Here are some pictures:

The crew setting out on our walk

The crew setting out on our walk

Jardin du Ruisseau

Membership sign-up, Jardin du Ruisseau

Jardin du Ruisseau

Walkway, Jardin du Ruisseau

The gardeners are so creative!

shoe flower pot!

shoe flower pot!

After exploring the garden, we decided to make our way toward the south of Paris, passing through Montmartre.  As you’ve probably figured out, Montmartre is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris.  There is always something exciting to see!

This time, we saw the Lapin Agile Cabaret (which I really want to visit soon!), the vineyard of Montmartre, some colorful graffiti, the Sacre Coeur (obvs), an old car, & some cool shops.

Lapin Agile, Paris Caberet

Lapin Agile, Paris Caberet

Vineyard, Montmartre, Paris

Vineyard, Montmartre, Paris

Graffiti, tag, Montmartre

Graffiti, Montmartre – I like the monster.

The Sacre Coeur (again!)

The Sacre Coeur (again!)

We also discovered a new ice cream place that I really loved on the way down from the Sacre Coeur: Glacerie Morice Galka9 rue des 3 Frères. 75018 Paris.

ice cream Montmartre glace

Ice Cream! Morice Galka @ Montmartre

When we got to Metro Abbesses, our last stop on the walk, we took a few minutes to admire the “Love Wall” at the Square Jehan-Rictus.  This time, the graffiti above the wall caught my eye.

Love Wall Paris

Me & Edouard at the Love Wall

Love wall paris

To love is disorder – so let us love!

Walk Distance: a little over 2 km.

Walk time: probably about an hour – we stopped a lot 🙂


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