Buying Band-Aids

The other day I stopped by the pharmacy to get a package of band-aids to save my feet from getting destroyed by my new pair of cute heels.

In French, the word for band-aid is “pansement” – I know this, and have gone into to the pharmacy tons of times looking for these.  The brand that I usually buy is called “Compeed,” because they are thick, and are particularly good for preventing blisters.

Not able to find the “Compeed” rack anywhere in the store, I walked up to the Pharmacist and explained to her my problem – I was wearing a new pair of shoes, and needed a “pansement” because my toe hurt.

She comes back with this :


It looks right to me, so I buy it.  I put it on my blistered toe before heading to work, and continue on my way.  By the time I got home that night my toe was throbbing… I took the bandage off my toe, only to find a huge white circle burned on to my skin.  Thinking it was something that would wash off, I took a shower and tried to remove the white spot from my aching toe… Without any luck.

After, I showed my husband my toe and asked him what he thought it was.  “Did you buy the right thing?,” he asked.

I went and checked the box again.  Apparently “cor” in French means “callus.”  So basically what I put on my blister was a calluses cure containing salicylic acid.  Ouch.

What I really wanted was the Compeed for “ampoules” (blisters).

*sighs* I’ll know better next time.

compeed for blisters

Compeed for blisters – what I was supposed to buy!


2 thoughts on “Buying Band-Aids

  1. During a study abroad in Marseille, I had gotten terrible mosquito bites all over my ankles (long story) and I had the hardest time trying to communicate that I needed anti-itch medicine to the pharmacists. My French was admittedly horrible and at one point I resorted to putting my ankle up on the counter and scratching madly. Not a shining moment. 😉

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