Very Inspiring Bloggers

A few months ago, fellow blogger Andrew James mentioned me in his post “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.”  (Thank you, James!! So sweet of you!)

I know that the “Blogger Award” thing has been going on for a while and maybe some of you have already done it and are tired of it, BUT I think it’s a great way to connect the blogging community and share with your followers other awesome blogs : )

That said, I am going to accept the award (better late than never?), and share with you the award rules as well as some of my favorite blogs.

The Rules:

  • thank and link to the person who nominated you
  • list the rules and display the award
  • share 7 facts about yourself
  • nominate 15 other blogs you enjoy then comment on their posts to let them know that you have nominated them.


Seven facts about me

1. I want a French bulldog. I’ve been bugging my husband about it for the past year.  I already have his name picked out – I want a French bulldog named “Frank.”

2. I am terribly scared of flying.  I cry every time I go to the airport. It’s gotten worse since I had to read “The Long Fall of One-Eleven Heavy” by Michael Paterniti for my Literary Journalism class.  #WhyDidIDecideToLiveInFrance?

3. My favorite flower is the Gerbera daisy.  They are bright, fun and last longer than a bouquet of roses.  When I walk into my living room and see a vase of Gerbera daisies sitting on the table, it brings an instant smile to my face : )

4. I’m overly sensitive – It’s pretty bad.  I don’t read/watch the news because it makes me too upset and I won’t watch any movie genre except [romantic] comedies (with a few of exceptions).  The way I look at it, the world is sad/scary enough as it is – why would I want to spend my free time watching something that will make me sad (upset/ scared/ etc)?  My husband keeps me up to date on current events by giving me the PG version of things.  Saves him from having to deal with me breaking down in tears.

5. My brain can’t retain important information like people’s names, but for some reason it has a huge catalog of song lyrics stored.  On a typical car-ride (listening to an American radio station), I know probably 99% of the songs by heart.  French songs are sneaking into my repertoire too.

6. I want to publish a book. I’ve started writing several stories, but have yet to finish one… #Someday?

7. My Twitter account is baileyanne12 because I used my old AIM screen name that I had as a kid.  My first pet was a German Shepard / Lab mix named Bailey. I gave her the middle name Anne. And thus the random Twitter name.

My nominations

Here are my nominations for other Very Inspiring Bloggers:

1. Prête-moi Paris – this is a Paris lifestyle/ fashion blog written by my dear friend and fellow American abroad, Melissa Ladd.  She was actually one of the directors of my Paris Study Abroad program back in 2008!

2. TravellingTrina – an Australian living in Paris.  She’s just moved here so she’s discovering the city and searching for the best coffee around 😉

3. rachelmurane – mother, wife, photographer, yoga-lover, dancer, and a beautiful writer/poet.

4.The Sonia Show – “a writer/mocker/goober/mother in San Francisco” – she’s hilarious.

5. whereintheworldiscarmendianne – the adventures of an American Makeup Artist living in Paris (and her travels!)

6. yearabroadeaux – the musings of a British girl studying abroad in Bordeaux France

7. About Amherst – this is the blog of one of my favorite Journalism teachers from college. She writes about life in Amherst, MA and her life experiences.

8. Suzanne et Pierre à Paris – they’ve since moved from France and are now living in Montreal, but there are still some great articles about things to do in Paris!

9. Keiry Bees Paris – blogger from New Zealand taking a “creative sabbatical” in Paris, France.

10. Oisiveté parisienne – a French blog by an “active” unemployed person spends their time.  A lot of awesome ideas of FREE things to do in Paris!

11. wherekateresides – “20 year old New Zealander, Living in Paris and travelling Europe”

12. Travelleah – travel blog with wonderful photographs.

13. newbietravels – an American girl studying abroad in Paris.

14. bunnyeatsdesign – A blog about a bunny named Tofu and healthy eating.

15. She’s Poised – a motherhood, wellness, career, and travel blog all-in-one.

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do!

And don’t forget to check out Andrew James! His blog has great tidbits about Paris like “Paris Mysteries” and information about Parisian street names : )


5 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Bloggers

  1. Wow! So many blogs I don’t know! Thank you for nominating me dear! I also love seeing your posts in my inbox. 2008…wow, that seems like a century ago… 😉 We really need to get togehter for tea or coffee before I have this baby! Let me know on FB if you are free in the next couple of weeks! xoxo Melissa

  2. Hi! Thanks for nominating me, you’re so sweet ! I won’t be doing it, though, on my blog, because I am SWAMPED with plenty of stuff. I managed to schedule a few posts in advance, but that’s about all I can do these days. Thank you so much, though! (and if I did it, of course, you’d be on my list ! 😉 ) Have a great week !

  3. Thanks for the reference to our blog and I am glad you are still finding good articles on things to do in Paris on it…We hope to start blogging from Montreal soon but we are still waiting for our computer to arrive from Paris. (Suzanne)

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