Le Parc du Château de Fontainebleau [Walk #2]

Last weekend Edouard and I went to Fontainebleau to spend some time with his family.  Both his parents went to high school there (that’s how they met <3) and all of his aunts & uncles still live in the area.

For those who’ve never heard of it, Fontainebleau is known for it’s magnificent castle: home to French kings and, most notably, Napoleon.  It’s only about a half an hour from Paris – Gare de Lyon and is definitely a must see! (For train info: click here).

Personally, the Château de Fontainebleau is my favorite castle in Ile-de-France (My ultimate fav in France is Chambord!).  While I like the gardens at Versailles, the castle at Fontainebleau is wonderfully preserved and offers something to see in every room.  Plus, that spiral staircase? Perfect for photos!  (Every time we go, we see people striking a pose on the stairs.  But hey, that’s where we did our wedding photos – so we don’t judge!)

Despite the snow and slush that hit on Friday, we woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful winter day.

It was cold but the sun was shining and the sky was the bluest blue.

So keeping up with our pact to walk every weekend, we headed out towards the center of town to do some shopping… And then over to the castle to walk in its gardens.  Below are some photos of our little outing:

The sun filled up the sky

Post Office Fontainebleau France Poste

Post Office & Telegraphs

Place Napoleon Bonaparte Fontainebleau

Napoleon’s Place

Carousel Fontainebleau France

Carousel – Place Napoleon Bonaparte

Jardin de Diane

Me – Jardin de Diane

Jardin de Diane Fontainebleau

Jardin de Diane – Fountain

Sleeping statues

Jardin de Diane – Sleeping statues


In front of the castle

Clock Tower Fontainebleau France

Clock Tower

shadow kiss france fontainebleau

un bisous

I’m like a flower…

… I need the sun.



The boy

 Although we had already walked on Saturday, we decided to get out there again on Sunday for one last breath of fresh air before heading back to the city.  The weather was dreary though… But we still had a good time 🙂

Lonely fountain

Lonely fountain


Swan on it’s way to attack Edouard. For no reason.



2015-02-01 2015-02-01 001 043

Isn’t it majestic? It’s like something out of fairy tale.

Benches.  I just liked the way they looked.

Benches. I just liked the way they looked.

Teens in a row.

Teens in a row

Empty courtyard

Empty courtyard

Dad & Son. They were sword fighting with sticks earlier on.

Dad & Son racing to the bridge. They were sword fighting with sticks earlier on.

Fake window.

Fake window.

Edouard's favorite bar.

Edouard’s favorite bar.


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