Paris 16th to Les Jardin des Tuileries [Walk #1]

One New Year’s Resolutions that my husband and I share is to take a long walk together every weekend.  Before he met me, Edouard used to go on a weekly “Sunday walk” to get some exercise.  (I was usually still recovering from my Saturday night…)

I’ve decided to get in on the fun so for the past 2 weekends of 2015, we have indeed been out and about enjoying Paris life and stretching our legs.  This post is of our first walk which we took from our home in the 16th, all the way to Les Jardin des Tuileries.  I’ll be posting about many more walks like this, I hope, as the year goes on.

There’s always so much to see when walking around a city, so let me share with you some of the things that caught our eyes:

Blue Doors Portes Bleues Javel RER

Blue doors as blue as the sky.

Photoshoot Bir Hakeim Blonde Model

Photoshoot on the Bir Hakeim Bridge.

Eiffel Tower, Bir Hakeim Bridge

Me soaking up the sun. Oh, and the Eiffel Tower.

Bir Hakeim Bridge Metro 6 Train

A train.


Talking cars.

Pont d'Iena quai escalier stairs

An old swimming spot.

Pont d'Iena baignade escalier

For realz… [Google Image:

Eiffel Tower Carousel

The Eiffel Tower and a carousel.

sea shepherd paris seine

A pirate ship.

Pont Alexandre III

A duck under the bridge. Do you see it?

An impatient wife waiting in the cold for her hubby to stop taking photos of lanterns.

An impatient wife waiting in the cold for her hubby to stop taking photos of lanterns.

Pont Alexandre III Nymph

A weird red ball necklace on a nymph.

And when we made it to Tuileries …

jardin des tuilerieses fontaine

A big ray of sun!

After taking a break from our 5k walk, we fought back our laziness and took a strole around the garden a bit.  There’s some interesting things to see there too…

Love at Jardin des Tuileries

People in love. I spy 3 couples… and you?

Trampoline Jardin des Tuileries

Trampolines. Too bad it’s only for kids.

Puss in Boots, Le chat potté

Puss in Boots. Or as we say in French, Le Chat Potté!

Carousel Jardin des Tuileries

And finally, another carousel.

The walk actually ended with a much-needed cup of hot chocolate… But I’ll tell you about that another time.


8 thoughts on “Paris 16th to Les Jardin des Tuileries [Walk #1]

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    • Yeah, Paris tends to be mostly grey and rainy during the winter :-/ I was so happy to see sun that I was bouncing all around the apartment trying to get ready fast so I could make it outside before it hid behind a cloud or something! My husband thought I was crazy haha

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