French Gift Ideas for the Guys


1) A scarf from Galeries Lafayette

Personally, guys are hard to buy for.  Especially when you’re shopping on a budget. When I think of what my husband likes, all I can come up with is pricey electronics or food…

But I think a scarf is a practical and very French gift idea.  You can get a wool scarf for 20  at Galeries Lafayette Homme: 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

They are so soft!

2) French Cologne? 

Although cologne is a bit hard to find under 30 €, you can find things within the same product line that are still a decent price.  For example, Jean Paul Gaultier Aftershave is 36,90 €. That’s doable, right?

Where? Galeries Lafayette Homme: 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

Jean Paul Gaultier Aftershave

3) French bugs

I thought this would be a great gag gift.  These edible critters were seasoned and packed in France.  How about some tasty curry grasshoppers? Or garlic coated caterpillars?

Price : 7 €

I found mine at Galeries Lafayette Maison : 35 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

4) Coffee mugs or an “apero” set from Maisons du Monde

Surprisingly, Maisons du Monde has great gift ideas for guys.

Espresso mugs : 13 €

Help him start his day right : )

Apero board : 17 €

Platter for the “apéritif” – “Snack with your friends”

5) A box of Provence d’Antan Vin Chaud (spiced wine)

I love these because they come in individual packets so they’re easy to drink anytime : )

Price : 11 -13 €

Where : I found this at a little shop in Montmartre but of course, I can’t remember the name! :-/

But you can find it all around Paris or on here :

A wonderful drink for the holidays


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