15 French Gift Ideas for under 30€ !

Coming up with gift ideas can be tough, especially when you’re trying to do your shopping in a Foreign country.  So for all of you who are looking to get your friends & family a little something “à la Française” this holiday season, here are some of my favorite French gift ideas all under 30 euros.

Click on the links below:



I also wanted to share some of my small gift ideas that I like to give to colleagues or package together to make gift baskets:


1) Mini wine bottles!

My favorite is La Vieille Ferme.

You can find them at Monoprix for only 1,40 € !

Côtes du Lubéron A.O.C.

Comes in red or white!

2) Hand creams from L’Occitane

Price : 7 €

Many different scents – I like rose : )

3) Chocolates from Hediard

You can surely find a small, cute box of chocolate at Hediard for under 30 euros. And you can’t go wrong with chocolate! : )

Raspberry chocolate from Hediard – 7,60 euros

4) Foie Gras

You can find good Foie Gras at any supermarket but since presentation is everything, I like to go to the specialty store, Valette.

Price : 10-50 € depending on what you get. But they have quality Foie Gras for a good price.

With a fresh baguette? Delicious!

These are just some ideas, but there are so many possibilities! Here’s a “Relaxation” gift basket that I made for one of my friends this year and it only cost me 28 € :

Inside : Bowl from Maisons du Monde, hand painted in France (5 €), Tea from Dammann Freres, flavor: Noel a Paris (8 €), a relaxing body wash from L’Occitane (15 €), + the little sample packets that L’Occitane gave me with my purchase.  I used plastic wrap to hold it all together haha.  But I think it looks nice!

Well, I wish you all the best with your holiday shopping : ) I’ll leave you with 2 of my favorite photos that I took at Galeries Lafayette during my last shopping session:

Exchange students buying Christmas trees

Galeries Lafayette Monster Window 2014

little window shoppers


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