Le Marché de Noël – Champs-Elysées

One of my favorite things about Paris in December is the Christmas market on the Champs-Elysées.  The decorations are absolutely enchanting, making it the perfect romantic walk during the holiday season.

With visions of tartiflette in our heads, Edouard and I decided to brave the cold winter air Friday night and get in on the festivities.

It started with a metro ride…

Metro Franklin D. Roosevelt

Exit of Metro Franklin D. Roosevelt

Metro Franklin D. Roosevelt

Attempt at being artistic – Metro Franklin D. Roosevelt

And proceeded with some shopping…

Marchés de Noël Paris 2014

And then some photo ops…

Marchés de Noël Paris 2014

Of course there was the occasional selfie…

Grande Roue Paris

Our selfie attempt with the Grande Roue

Marchés de Noël Paris 2014

Selfie attempt with the lights

But mostly there was just me & E enjoying the beautiful things surrounding us…

Noel Champs-Elysées

Seeing this, all I could think of was the Lindt chocolate christmas box…

Right? Minus the cars…

Grande Roue Paris

La Grande Roue

La Grande Roue Paris Noel

After finishing one side of the street, we stopped by the Sony tent to warm up a bit.

Sony Champs-Elysées Noel 2014

They gave us free tea, a candy cane, an ornament for our tree, and kept us entertained with their various displays and games. We tried the Sony #FaceIn experience but I think the guy did it wrong.  You can see our pictures on my twitter page (@baileyanne12)… but our faces don’t seem to have been put “in” anything.  It’s just 2 pics side by side…

Anywho, by this time we were starving and it was time for some Tartiflette!


Et voila la tartiflette! It looks gross but it’s delish! Potatoes, cheese, ham – so good!


Next, we had to wash all that down with some vin chaud (aka: spiced wine!)

And finally, a few more pictures from the end of our walk:

Giant cotton candy.

And then we ended where we started…

What do you do to get into the holiday spirit? I’d love to hear about it in the comments : ) If you’ve blogged about it, leave me a link!  Or if you want to share a picture, add me to instagram (lyndseyloo1288) or send me a tweet on twitter!


3 thoughts on “Le Marché de Noël – Champs-Elysées

  1. Oh my, I hardly know where to begin. OK, first: the pics are AMAZING! I felt like I was there while I looked at them. Second: you and your husband are the cutest couple ever. Third: I am so jealous! What a magical, gorgeous time. And that photo compared to the Lindt box – it’s incredible, and makes me want chocolate. What a great post. Keep the photos coming! Sigh… maybe I’ll show them to my husband and finally get him to move to Paris (do they hire non-French speaking techies in Paris? Probably not….) 😉 Be well, Rachel

    • Haha thanks for all the compliments! My husband took most of the photos – he’s an amazing photographer. These ones were taken with his phone but when he uses his Canon it’s even better. And I’m sure your husband could get an English-speaking tech job here! He just has to look for an international company (tell him that we get 5 weeks vacation here! ) 😉 Let me know if you want any ideas. Otherwise, you could always come visit!

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