My Parisian Thanksgiving 2014

Yesterday was one of those rare days when everything seems perfect.

The first wonderful thing to have happened was I woke up, and there was sun! A big bright, beautiful sun – the sky was just full of it.  Although Edouard and I had quite a few people expected over to celebrate Thanksgiving, I insisted that we take an hour to enjoy the beautiful weather.  So at 10:30am, me, Edouard, and the bunny all took off in the direction of Parc Sainte-Périne.

Ballon de Paris, Parc André Citroën

“Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you”

I like this park because dogs are only allowed to walk around the gated exterior.  This means bunny can play in the grass without risk of getting bothered by Fido & Friends.  There are always tons of kids at the park and they always end up spotting the bunny and seeking us out.  Russell likes the attention though.  He actually dragged me over towards the kids this time (free head rub? yes please!).

Rabbit at Parc Sainte-Périne

Russell the bunny awing the kids at Parc Sainte-Périne

Rabbit at Parc Sainte-Périne

Russell getting free back-rubs

After spending quality family time, the three of us headed back home to start preparing our Thanksgiving meal (of course, Russell was no help).

By 2pm the Turkey was done and all our close friends were there and ready to eat.  The meal was a huge success! Nothing was burned or under-cooked and there was more than enough food to go around (*relief*).

Here’s what our menu looked like: Turkey, Stuffing, Butternut Squash, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans & Baked Rolls + Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Sauce & Ice Cream. Almost all of it homemade par moi 😉

Me & my turkey thighs. Yum!

Me & my turkey thighs. Yum!

Thanksgiving in Paris 2014

And on to the pie!

A food como ensued.

At 5pm everyone was still there and feeling great after a few bottles of wine.  We watched the Paris-Saint-Germain soccer game (Edouard’s a big fan of PSG) and cracked open the beers.  At half-time, the non-soccer fans took off (my friends), leaving me an hour to take a nap before my rendez-vous at the Theater.


My boys watching the game (Edouard and his BFF)


My friend, Lu, had gotten tickets to see “”Thé à la menthe ou t’es citron?” at Le Theatre de la Renaissance and she was nice enough to have invited me.  It was typical French humor so I wasn’t in stitches laughing like some of the crowd but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.  And the theater was absolutely gorgeous which made for a great ambiance.  To give you an idea of what I saw, here’s the trailer for the play (not the same actors as last night’s show):

Now doesn’t that seem like a perfect day? It may not be exactly like the Thanksgivings I used to have back in Boston, but it was filled with some of the things that I’m most thankful for: Family – A moment in the sun with Edouard & Russell, and Friends – an afternoon and night filled with laughter and great company.


8 thoughts on “My Parisian Thanksgiving 2014

  1. What a perfect day, thank you for describing it. Feel like I was there! I’m amazed you had energy for the theater, especially after preparing so much food. Awesome! – Rachel

  2. That was a perfect Thanksgiving Lyndsey thanks so much for all you did, and share with us a part of your culture ! You’re amazing 😉

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