Les Invalides & the secret Bunnies of Paris

At the beginning of the year, Edouard started a new job near Les Invalides in Paris.  One day when we were deciding where to walk he said to me “Let’s go to Invalides; I’ll take you to see the bunnies.”

Now if you don’t know anything about Les Invalides, it’s a bunch of military buildings/museums and is mostly famous because it’s the place where Napoleon Bonaparte is buried. Nowhere in that description does it make you think that it’s a place where you could find cute little fuzzy creatures…

At first I thought he was teasing me.  But I went along with it and trekked all the way there only to find that… he wasn’t kidding!

For some reason there are wild rabbits that live in the gardens around Les Invalides!  Out of all the things that I’ve read about this city, nowhere had I ever heard of this. If you’re in Paris this weekend and have no plans, I suggest you take a walk there and check out the adorable little fluffs roaming the grass.  After all, it’s supposed to be sunny! 😀  And I guarantee you’ll see at least 2 or 3 : )

Voila some photos from my most recent walk there with my friend:


2 thoughts on “Les Invalides & the secret Bunnies of Paris

  1. What a sweet surprise, especially in such a bustling part of the city. We have tons of rabbits in my neighborhood, but it is quiet here. Adorable! Hope you had a good French Thanksgiving! – rachel

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