Metro Abbesses & Le Sacre Coeur

“Après la pluie, le beau temps”

Once again, clouds are presiding over Paris this week.  But I’m feeling okay with this – I see sun in the forecast for this weekend : )

Plus, I got a little bit of sun last Saturday which was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Although it wasn’t full-on sunny, it was nice enough on Saturday that I insisted on going out for a walk.  Tired of our normal route, I asked Edouard to take me around Montmartre.  We hadn’t been there since the week before our wedding when we were playing tourist with my American family.  Being the nice guy he is, he agreed (even though he had hoped we’d walk around the Marais).

I left the house around noon to meet my girlfriends for brunch at Metro Abbesses and made plans to catch up with Edouard later on.

My friend Anne-Claire and I had spent a good part of our morning trying to figure out where to go to have brunch. Most of the Parisian brunches were too expensive, others were simply not the American breakfast we were looking for, and hardly any of the addresses that we found were near Montmartre.  Luckily, her friend who was joining us knew of the perfect place: Coquelicot.

Boulangerie Coquelicot, 24 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France

Boulangerie Coquelicot, 24 Rue des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France

I loved their tables and decorations

I loved their tables and decorations

It was right outside the Metro and was quite busy when we arrived.  Since space was tight, we ended up getting seated next to a cute couple who had just moved to France.  They were really nice and we talked for a bit about Paris, learning French, and a movie that they were working on.  Normally I don’t make a habit of speaking with strangers when we’re seated together but they made it seem so natural! And I really enjoyed our chat. It made me think that maybe I should give it a try.

Anyway, the brunch was amazing.  And the price was really good compared to a lot of other offers I had seen.  I ended up getting the “Traveller’s Breakfast” that had orange juice, hot chocolate (or coffee), eggs, toast, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, & salad all for only 14,35.  If you’ve never been, I would highly recommend it!  But keep in mind they are swamped on the weekend… So if you go, be prepared for a bit of a wait and potentially an exasperated French waitress (Ours was really nice but I could see she was stressed).


Miam! So yummy!

After brunch, Edouard met me at the metro and we decided to walk up to the Sacré-Cœur, passing by the Dali museum.  Here are some picture from our trip to the top:

Right in front of the metro, we stopped to admire Église Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre – See the sun? 😀

“Will you marry me?”

Looking down on cloudy Paris, making our way up to the sky.

Pretty house.

café – restaurant- cabaret

Art Gallery

Paintings that I liked 🙂

Edouard found a Starbucks! It wasn’t here the last time we came.

Old fashioned kettle heater behind the church where they were selling “vin chaud”

Vin chaud stand – Edouard and I bought some for our walk down. It was delicious and just the thing for a chilly night.

And right before we got to the front of the church, we saw this:

Eiffel Tower at sunset in November.

Isn’t that lovely? I finally found my sun 🙂

We tried to take selfie but failed.

We made it! Sacré-Cœur + two goofeballs.

After that we had a romantic walk all the way to Opera (yes, it was a very long walk!).  We played 20 questions, talked about life, and had a wonderful time enjoying each others company.  Looking back, even if the day had been grey like today, I would have felt like I had my sun all along: my husband : )


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