Paris: My 50 shades of Grey

All clouds on my morning walk

All clouds on my morning walk

When I tell people back home that I live in Paris, they’re usually like “Wow! Lucky! That must be so amazing!”

And a lot of the time it is.  Being in a world capital like this means that I get to meet people from all different cultures and have many wonderful experiences that I might not have had if I’d stayed in the U.S.

But I have to admit, I don’t LOVE Paris.

Maybe I’m not a city person. I’ve always lived in the suburbs and I’m not used to having to share my morning commute with homeless people who stink up the train or having to worry about pickpockets.

I also hate pigeons

I also hate pigeons… And people who feed the pigeons like my neighbor on the 1st floor.

But even though those things bother me, I don’t think that’s the real reason why I’m not happy in Paris.  For me, I just can’t stand the weather.  Don’t get me wrong, Paris in the spring and summer can be absolutely beautiful. It’s the other 6+ months out of the year that I can’t handle.

Winter in Paris blows. I come from Boston. I’m used to snow. Sure we might get a few good Nor’easters that bury us in white for a few days but hey, at least it’s white. The sun reflects off the snow and everything sparkles.  I love it. I miss it.

Weather back home Nov. 19th 2014

Weather back home Nov. 19th 2014

In Paris, the winter is mostly grey.  It snows occasionally but just a dusting and the sky usually remains overcast day after day.

Every morning I look at my weather app to see if I’ll be lucky enough to see a little sunshine.  What I usually see? Clouds.  Sometimes they’ll put a little half-sun with the cloud indicating that maybe the sun will make an appearance.  But it usually doesn’t. I’m convinced that they add the half-sun in there so Parisians aren’t in a perpetual state of depression (because let’s be honest, if you looked at your 10 day forecast and saw clouds for 10 days straight you probably wouldn’t even want to get out of bed).

Paris weather Nov. 19th 2014

Paris weather Nov. 19th 2014

So today is a hard day for me because it’s been grey here for a good stretch and looks like it will continue on this way for a few more days.  It seems like winter is already here.  The fact that I just got a rejection email for a job that I really wanted didn’t help my mood either.

I’m going to Fontainebleau this weekend so I’m hoping that the weather will be nicer outside the city.  Anyway, if you’re stuck in a grey day like me, here’s a picture of my bunny drinking from a cup to cheer you up.  He always makes me smile 🙂

Russell has a water bottle... but he's a classy bun and prefers drinking from a glass

Russell has a water bottle… but he’s a classy bun and prefers drinking from a glass


3 thoughts on “Paris: My 50 shades of Grey

  1. I felt the exact same way when I was living in Paris. I never really “loved” it until I left, you know? 🙂 I do love your blog however, next time I go to Paris (gotta rack up that $$$) we should meet up 🙂

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