Je vais à la bibliothèque

Slightly blocked by a building, but look at that smidgen of SUN and blue sky!

Slightly blocked by a building, but look at that smidgen of SUN and blue sky!

As I struggled with my High School French homework growing up, my mother would always tell me “the only thing that I remember from all my years of French classes is ‘Je vais à la bibliothèque’ – I go to the library.”

I never thought that phrase was very useful… but here I am 10 years later and in fact, “Je vais à la bibliothèque” almost everyday.

Since I’m currently job hunting I need somewhere to go so that I’m not stuck sitting around my house all day.  The library is the perfect spot and here are 3 reasons why:

1) I can sit and work quietly without having to spend any money like I would if I wanted to sit at Starbucks or a café.  (Very important for a little lady without any income).

2) Free Wi-Fi!

3) A nice view: There are a lot of libraries in Paris but the one that I go to has a really big window so I can sit and bask in the sun (or watch the more common Paris rain showers) while scrolling the posts on

Whether you’re a student studying in Paris or just an expat looking for a good book, I encourage you to check out the Parisian library nearest you 🙂  Some of the libraries have a pretty extensive collection of English books – you’d be surprised at what you can find! (…I may or may not have gotten pretty excited about finding 50 Shades of Grey).  With most library cards you can also take out children’s DVDs (Even at 26 years old, I still love a good Disney movie every once in a while 😛 ).

If you too want to get in on the fun, Click HERE for a list of all the Paris libraries by arrondissement and their hours of operation.


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