The Parisian Cafe


As an American in Paris, one of the places I frequent the most is Starbucks

Yes, you read that right – in the land of beautiful old-fashioned Parisian cafe’s, I choose to get my coffee at the American coffee franchise, Starbucks.

“Why,” you might ask?

Well, of course I like their coffee.  But that’s not the main reason.

Honestly? As a foreigner, I feel really uncomfortable at Parisian cafe’s.  When I finally take my pick from the several cafe’s that line the street, I start to get nervous as I approach the door.  Did I make the right choice? Will the waiter be nice? Or will he make me feel horribly guilty about the fact that I only want to order a hot chocolate and then ignore me when I try to hail him down to ask for a napkin, the wi-fi password, or the check?

Finding the right cafe in Paris is like playing the lottery for me.  And 99% of the time I lose.

Today, however, while seeking a spot in the sun I found a quaint little cafe-restaurant at the exit of metro Eglise d’Auteuil that was a win.

The name of the place was Au Clocher du Village. The waiter let me pick my table in the back at a comfortable bench-seat near the window and didn’t make me feel bad about ordering my staple “chocolat chaud.”  I worked there for two hours, although I never mustered up the courage to ask if they had wifi (I used my own freewifi account).

Now I’m debating if I should go back there again…

I’ve always wanted to be considered a “regular” somewhere but I’m wondering if my good fortune was a one-time thing… Will they start getting annoyed with me if I keep coming back every week to squat one of their tables and only order a drink?

Not sure if I’m willing to find out.

I might just stick with my slightly overpriced (but guilt-free!) Starbucks latte with a side of assured customer-service, free wi-fi, and a place to plug in my laptop.


5 thoughts on “The Parisian Cafe

  1. The lottery of the French cafe service is part of the charm for me. Embrace it, I say. It is lovely to be a regular in a Parisian cafe. And you become one so quickly, you’ll only need to go two or three more times before they recognise you and pre-empt your chocolat chaud order. Good luck – break that Starbucks cycle! 🙂

  2. So glad I discovered your blog. I love Paris, and miss it; I haven’t been there since I became a mother. How, may I ask, did you make the decision to move there? Are you a student? Looking forward to following your blog! – Rachel

    • Hi Rachel!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my blog 🙂 I just followed yours too!
      I’m actually not a student, but that is one of the reasons why I came to France. I did a master’s program here and was planning on moving back to the U.S. right after BUT I met my husband (who’s French) and so almost 5 years later, I’m still here haha

      The decision to live in France was hard because I left behind my family & friends, but since living in Paris meant staying with the man I love, I knew it was the right decision for me 🙂
      Are you planning on moving to France too? Have you lived in Paris before or did you just come for a visit?

  3. Oh you found love in France, that’s so beautiful! And that’s what airplanes are for: to visit family. Thank you for following my blog, so sweet of you. I’ve never lived in Paris, I’ve just been there many times, sometimes for extended periods, usually staying in the Marais. I think I miss the walking and the color of the buildings the most.

    Soon my children will be a bit bigger, and it’s my dream to gather them up and stay for several months in Paris.
    Be well, and I look forward to reading your blog – Rachel

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