A Walk Along the Seine

Our first Sunday back in Paris after our amazing vacation, we decided to get some air and walk along the Seine towards La Tour Eiffel.

The best thing about walking around a city is that you always see something interesting.  Sometimes I wish I could be like the guy behind “Humans of New York” and take pictures of people in Paris. But then I remember that I’m not the best photographer and I’m not organized enough for that kind of hobby haha (Half the time when I see something cool I realize that I don’t have my camera with me!)

Anyway, during this outing I was lucky enough to have my new Galaxy Note 2 on hand and thanks to it’s super camera, I was able to take some pictures.

The first thing that I we saw was actually right around the corner of our house: a brocante! (French junk sale)

Unfortunately, we passed by late in the afternoon so all the good stuff was already gone. But there is going to be another one in our neighborhood in June so I’ll make sure I get up earlier for the next one 😉  (For those interested, click here for the schedule of brocantes and vide-greniers in Paris).


Old man and old books


Brocante ladies


Brocante mess

After the brocante, we arrived at the Seine and followed the river until we got tired.


La Tour Eiffel & blues skies


sweet boats


E bought me a blue slushy because I was thirsty 🙂

Starting at Pont De l’Alma and continuing to Pont Royal, the town of Paris has to close down an old motorway and put in a pedestrian area that will include floating barges along the Seine.  The project is supposed to be finished for this spring (2013) but it seems like they still have a lot more to do in order to make it for the deadline.  So far, we only saw one floating barge that looked finished and all the rest were still under construction.   It seems like a cool idea though and I’m excited to see the finished result.


Plan of Paris “Barge Project”


1 down, how many more to go?


Posts ready for the next barge


Trees for the barges!


Man sleeping in the tractor… why??


Plan of the different barges & their locations


Sun shining on the Eiffel Tower

Besides the barges, we also saw 2 police convoys on our way to the Champs-Elysees.  At the time I had no clue why they were all there but later Edouard figured out that it was the “CRS” (riot control) there to prepare for any craziness that might occur after the Paris football team played in the championship game.  A lot of good it did them because I guess there was a huge riot at Trocadero where 30 people got injured.  The place was such a mess that they even had to close down the metro station on Monday.


Police convoy

And last but not least, we saw some people filming : ) Not sure what it was but I thought it was pretty neat.




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