Back to Palma: Day 4 Mallorca

On the 4th day in Mallorca we said goodbye to our beautiful hotel in Cala D’or and took the 2 hour bus ride back to Palma.

Or reasons for going back to Palma the day before we flew home was so that we could have a chance to go see the famous Cathedral.  I still wanted to be able to swim if it was nice out so we found a hotel right in front of the beach but not far from the cirty center (Hotel UR Azul Playa).   We got a room with a balcony and a great view of the beach which I totally wasn’t expecting!


View from our hotel balcony

Of course, by the time we got settled in our new hotel and decided to venture out, it was already dinner time so we took a taxi into the center of time and ended up in front of “La Llonja,” the old merchant market exchange.  The building dates from 1421 and has had many different uses such as a grain warehouse, a place to store artillery for the military, and even a soldier quarters.  They were getting ready close when we got there but they were nice and let us take a quick look inside.


La Llonja

2013-05-10 2013-05-11 001 009

The famous Angel


Inside the old market exchange… seems too pretty to have been used as a warehouse, right?

Since the whole point of our trip into the city was to eat dinner, the next thing on our agenda was to get some grub!  Next to La Llonja there are tons of restaurants so we chose one that served a shrimp pasta dish that looked tasty.


The farthest restaurant is where we ate dinner

After we took a walk around.  We were actually looking for a certain bar that the taxi driver had recommended but unfortunately we never found it lol. We did find a night market though which was pretty neat.


Night market


Olives… “Olive juice EK”


Wooden moons


Natural sponges


Weird cheese



Other than that we really didn’t do much on our first trip into Palma.  We were both tired from the long trip and we couldn’t find any good bars to sit down in.  We ended up just buying some ice cream and going back to the hotel to sleep.  But that’s okay, we needed to save our energy for the long day ahead of us 😉


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