Jellyfish and British Bars: Day 3 Mallorca Continued

As I mentioned in my other post, we were pretty sunburnt and tired by day 3 in Mallorca.

Our walk to the Marina was perfect because it got us outside to enjoy the beautiful weather but we weren’t directly being pounded by the sun.  The scenery was breathtaking so here are some more pics from our walk:

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 004

I love how the airplane line and the cross match up in this photo

2013-05-09 2013-05-09 002 003

The view (+ my shoulder)

When we arrived at the Marina, we found ourselves at the area closest to the sea where most of the boats were small and probably belonged to locals.  As we got further in though, the boats started getting much bigger!

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 011

The old docks

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 009

nice boats

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 014

Nicer boats

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 020

Nicest boats! (Notice the Yacht Club? So jealous)

After visiting the yachts, we took a walk back through the center of town.  We passed a gym on the way that looked like something out of the 80s.

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 022

Banana-hammocks & bikinis at the gym!!

Feeling that there was more discover at the beach than what we had seen the previous day, Edouard and I decided to take a walk along the rocks : )

2013-05-09 2013-05-09 002 017

Makes you want to take a swim, don’t it?

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 055

Edouard exploring

Of course, we soon decided that it was time to take a quick swim.

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 032

Me in the Mediterranean Sea

However, our plans were soon interrupted when I saw something big and black in the water…

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 026

Big Jellyfish!!!!

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 023

British guy getting ready to capture the giant jelly

Good thing we go out, because it wasn’t long until we were inundated by little mini blue ones!


We had no choice after that, so we stayed on the beach and relxed… we got an umbrella this time to protect us from the sun though…

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 040

E writing postcards

At sunset, we headed back to the Marina for some yummy seafood.  I got stuffed clams (not exactly what I was expecting but delicious just the same) and Edouard got … fish? Not really sure what kind though haha I think swordfish but I could be wrong.  We also tried octopus!! (see my other post)

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 061

Sunset & palm trees

2013-05-09 2013-05-09 001 003


When we had finished our meal, we set out along the Marina in search of a nice place to sit and have a cocktail.  We ended up finding a British bar called “Smugglers.”  The deco was really cool and the ambiance was just what we were looking for.  It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

2013-05-09 2013-05-09 001 008

The Marina at night

2013-05-09 2013-05-09 001 016


2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 079

Smugglers Bar

2013-05-09 2013-05-11 001 076

Love the decorations!

2013-05-09 2013-05-09 001 014

Mojito for 2


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