Bunny Bonding


Russell and Oscar

After 2.5 months with bunny #2, Oscar, I must say that we’ve finally started making progress in the bunny bonding department.

At first, the two bunnies hated each other… I mean you couldn’t even put them in the same room together without fur flying.  That, plus Oscar’s tendency to pee on Russell, made it really difficult to have the bunnies anywhere near each other.

Russell, who considers himself King of the castle, occupies the living room and the bedroom.  Oscar gets free reign over the kitchen and bathroom (the only places in the apartment where Russell won’t go … Apparently “Big Tough Guy” is scared of the tile floor).

Up until recently, the only place where we’ve been able to get the bunnies together was the garden.  It was safe just in case Oscar got the urge to pee on Russell, and it wasn’t as touchy territory as the living room (AKA Russell’s castle).

For me and E though, it sucked only being able to get them together outside. For one, the weather hasn’t been so nice.  Also, we had no reason to be in the garden so we’d have to block time out of our schedule to get them together.

I don’t know what made me think of it, but the other day I randomly brought Russell into the kitchen while Edouard was cooking.  It ended up being the perfect place to get the bunnies together.  Seeing as Russell is scared of the tile, he is too preoccupied to be a bully!!  The two are far from best friends but I feel like we’ve made a step in the right direction J

I must say that I am really happy about this.  I thought getting the bunnies to be civil with each other was mission impossible.  I would even cry sometimes after Oscar and Russell had fought because it seemed like I was in over my head.  Now I feel like all the patience that E and I put into this has paid off.  I also think I’m starting to make progress in Oscar’s litter box training – first week without an accident! (He’s cage trained but I prefer the litter box method).

Now, what I’m going to say next is going to sound crazy after all I just told you, but despite my newest achievement, I am still looking for a new LOVING home for Oscar.  He is such a sweet bunny and I wish I could keep him, but 2 bunnies is just too much work for me and E to handle right now :-/

So, if anyone who reads this knows someone in the Paris area looking for a friendly, affectionate dwarf rabbit, message me.  I want him to live with someone who can give him all the love and attention he deserves.


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