Still learning… Bus Problems

After living in France for 3 years, I started to assume that I had gotten the hang of Parisian life.  I know the metro like the back of my hand, I know to watch for dog crap when I walk, and I’ve been yelled at enough times for doing things “wrong” to have learned how to be less “obvious” about being American.

But last night Paris surprised me again.  Coming back from a dinner at my friend Ieva’s, I decided to take the bus.  I pressed the red “stop” button when I was ready to get off and, per usual, the bus driver stopped…

Buttttt… He didn’t open the door!!

I was frantic. I mean DUDE THIS IS MY STOP! I was yelling at him to open the door. PLEASE open the door. I need to get off the bus.

But he wouldn’t budge. Luckily, a lady outside the bus banged on the door and he decided to open it.

The lady was nice enough to explain to me that on extra-large busses (like the one I was on), you have to hit a second yellow button near the door to indicate which part of the bus you are exiting from.

Well for goodness sake. 3 years and I am just now discovering the yellow button.  I guess it’s as they say: you’re never finished learning.

Ieva and Yue Ting at our girls' night

Ieva and Yue Ting at our girls’ night


2 thoughts on “Still learning… Bus Problems

  1. Hey, nice to see that you’re blogging again, it’s funny. About the yellow button, I’ve been living in France for 21 years, and I didn’t know it even existed….. Way to go

    • Haha thanks Baptiste : ) Now I don’t feel so bad – I mean, if you don’t take buses a lot then you wouldn’t really need to know about the stupid button.

      PS: How is your “justsomeguyinAfrica” blog coming about?? I think you should make it happen 😉

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