Paris: My winter wonderland

Not gonna lie – my first week back in Paris was pretty rough.

From duking it out with the French Administration for my visa, to starting a new job, I was absolutely wiped by the time the weekend came around.  Not just physically tired, but emotionally drained.

All I wanted to do was pack up my bags and go back to Boston.  Luckily for me, a little piece of Boston came my way Sunday morning and made me feel a bit like I was back at home.

If you haven’t already guessed by now, yes, it snowed : )

Every year that I’ve lived in Paris it has snowed at least once, but it always hits when I least expect it and comes as such a pleasant surprise.

This Sunday when I woke up, I could not believe that our little garden was filled with 4 inches of snow.  For one, 4 inches is a lot for Paris.  Secondly, I got home at 2am and there was only a dusting outside at the time.

Of course, me, Edouard and some other friends took full advantage of the snow day, snowmen and snowball fights included.  Kids and parents got creative, making sleds out of whatever they had around the house.  One parent even put his kid in a shopping bag and started dragging him around.

The afternoon was absolutely wonderful, filled with goody company, great food (thanks to my friend Hui), and a positive attitude from all of Paris as children and adults alike enjoyed the wintery scene.

After our outing, me and E came home and did what any “big” kids would do after a day of playing in the snow: drank hot coco… with fluff.

2013-01-20 2013-01-21 001 003

Me, as happy as can be : )


2013-01-20 2013-01-21 001 002

E in his snow gear



2013-01-20 2013-01-21 001 006

Ieva, ready for a snowball fight


2013-01-20 2013-01-21 001 008

Shopping bag sledders


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