Le salon de l’Agriculture

As I’ve mentioned before, on Sundays almost everything is closed.  If you’re not in the mood to sit around and spend the day in your PJs, then you’ve got to be creative.

The Marais is always fun, but when my friend Ding asked me to go to an Agriculture expo with her, I thought “AWESOME! COWS!”

And, of course, I said yes.

Salle 1 of the Salon. Always so crowded.

When I got to the salon de l’agriculture, Ding and our friend Gilles had already been there for a half an hour (you know me… always late).

So we made a rendez-vous at my favorite spot, the bunny section!  And saw these little guys:

I love the one in the background – squished face haha

After cooing over the bunnies, I finally found Ding and Gilles and we did a tour of the room.

Here’s what we saw:

fuzzy chicken

mad cow. he was glaring at me.

sheep are pretty ugly

BIG pig


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