I work out…

In preparation for summer, I have decided to try to get in to bikini-body shape.

Sooooo besides attempting to go jogging and do an ab workout (which hasn’t been too successful) I also got it in my head that I wanted to learn to play tennis.  I had been talking about it for a while, telling everyone how I had bought two tennis rackets, new sneakers, etc but I never made any definite plans.

Last weekend I finally got out on the courts though.  One of my work colleagues (Baptiste) had mentioned that he played with his cousin so, of course, I got really excited and asked if he could teach me. He said he could, so last Saturday me, Ding, and our other work friend, Ravikant went to Cergy (45 minutes outside of Paris) and met Baptiste for a few tennis matches.

He had also invited his friend, Sofiane, and his cousin, Loic so we ended up taking turns playing.

Below are some pics from our hardcore tennis workout 😛

Orange Passion: Tennis

Ravi and Loic

Ding and Sofiane

Eeeek! Ball!


5 thoughts on “I work out…

  1. Looks like you had fun. Tennis is a great sport to get some good exercise, plus you can have fun with friends while you do it.
    Good for you!

    • Yes, it was a lot of fun! I went to see the Roland Garros last year through an internship and ever since I have been dying to play. I see that your kids play tennis – do you play as well? Any tips for a true beginner?

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