I love brunch. I mean, who doesn’t? But getting up on the weekends can be particularly hard for me.  And even though I almost always wake up before noon, I’m rarely in the mood to get dressed and go out in public.

But I’m proud to say that I’ve already made it to brunch twice in 2012 (it had been years since the last time I had brunch so this is a pretty big feat for me).

And I have my wonderful friend Ieva to thank for this.  She is the only one who has been persuasive enough to get my lazy butt moving.

The first time we had brunch together was at a little New York-styled resto near Republique, called “Sésame.”  The seating was family style, but  nobody seemed to care that they were squished in next to random people they didn’t know.  It actually made the whole scene more lively and cheerful.  Although they have a true brunch menu, I chose to forgo it and get an “Elvis” (a bagle with salmon and cream cheese – yum!)

Me looking like a dork in my hat

Afterwards, we decided to walk along the canal St Martin (which can be seen right from the restaurant window).  It had been a while since I had been in the neighborhood so I had completely forgotten that this was the same road that lead to the favorite café of my dad and I during our vacation together!


The lovely Ieva next to the semi-frozen canal St Martin

It made me happy to look in and remember my first week in Paris and how exciting it was to sit in a real Parisian café each morning, eating croissants, drinking café and skyping with my mom to tell her about all the things we’d seen.

Today, once again Ieva got me motivated to come in to Paris and brunch it up.  This time we went to a restaurant in the 5th arrondissement called “Breakfast in America” and we were lucky enough to be joined by two of our closest friends, Yue Ting and Luqian (who I call Ding, despite her many attempts to convince me to call her Lu).

Our planning was a bit messed up because

1) We were all late

2) The line was ridiculously long

3) I had to leave in a half an hour

4) Ding was realllllyyyy late 😛

So after alread waiting in line for a half an hour of waiting, we dispersed and came back together an hour later and had a late, but very tasty 3pm brunch.

Me and Ieva

Ding and Yue Ting

I must say, it was definitely worth the wait.  I had a bagel with cream cheese again (no salmon this time) and I was even able to order a plate of bacon (which pretty much made my day).  These are definitely the two things I miss the most about breakfast in the US.

When our tummies were all full, we took a short but fun walk through a nearby square.

And we had some random dude take our picture…

Crazy girls

I had such a great time today. I’m so glad that I’ve met these wonderful girls.  They make living in Paris so much more fun 🙂


3 thoughts on “Brunch

    • Aww thanks for reading Aunt Sue! Yes, I am having so much fun over here –
      You and Uncle Ed should come over and visit me! I could be your tour guide 😉

      Hope all is well back in the US. I miss you all very much!

  1. Really loved the brunch, we should do it more often!
    You’re such a nice group activity organizor lol
    And I’d like to point out that I was not that late…come on, just half an hour late maybe ^^

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