Walking with bunny

that’s mister bunny to you

When I first heard that it was possible to take a bunny outside on a leash I was super excited and couldn’t wait to try it.  I got my bunny last April and even though he was just a little puff, I had visions of taking him to the park that summer.

I waited impatiently for him to get comfortable enough with me so that I could pick him up and put his harness on but when the time came, I was not prepared for what happened.

You see, the harness was actually given to me by a friend. I think it was originally intended for cats because it had a little bell on it.  Welp, I got the harness on just fine but the second I put Russell on the ground, he heard the bell on  his back and freaked the heck out.  He started running around the apartment like a lunatic trying to get away from the noise and he was so scared he actually started whimpering.  I, of course, started crying and running around the apartment to catch him and take it off.

After that traumatizing experience (for me and him) I wasn’t so keen on trying the leash again.

But this fall I got brave, took off the stupid bell, and took him out in my backyard.  We’ve been going on walks ever since.

What was the point of me telling you all that?   There really wasn’t any.

I just wanted to post cute pictures of Russell outside on his leash today.

For this last one, he was actually washing his face but i caught him at an awkward moment haha


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