Welp, I am excited to announce that I got to experience a flash mob first hand today!!

I was waiting for the train home at Monparnasse and out of nowhere a 5-second clip from Kevin Rudolf’s “Let it Rock” played over the loud speakers.  One minute later the song started again and people gathered and began dancing.

Unfortunately, I fail at deleting pictures from my SD card so  it was too full to get any more than this short clip :-/

In my excitement I didn’t even think to ask the people how they had gotten involved in the flash mob.  I was so mad at myself because I’ve always wanted to be in one but I never knew how (and I’m pretty lazy so I never took the time to look it up haha)

When I got home though I decided to find me a flash mob to join and after a few minutes of Googling I found the site for Paris.

Below is the video that taught the choreography that they did today…

Personally, this looks a bit complicated for me.  If I ever join a flash mob, I’ll have to make sure the dance is really simple 😛


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