Posted in January 2012

Displays of Love, Parisian Style

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to go through my cell phone and purge all the random pictures that I’ve taken over the past year. Below are a few pictures of love graffiti that I found in the city of amour. Near Passy where I used to work. On a book-box by the Seine. The … Continue reading

Do the French like Obama?

This is one of the questions asked by my sister’s 9th grade French class when I went to visit back in December. Well, let me just tell you in the past week alone, Obama was mentioned in 2 out of the 5 morning papers. This alone says it all.  The article talks about two young … Continue reading

Too much…

… galette des Rois. We have had 2 parties at work featuring this delicious pastry, after which, the leftovers were placed on a table near my desk.  I trieeddd to resist.  But I have indulged in way too much galette these past few days. And there’s another party on the 17th.  Oh dear. Side note … Continue reading

So this is the New Year

It’s hard to believe but it’s been a whole year since the last time I blogged.  So much has happened that I couldn’t possibly try to catch you all up. But seeing as I’ve made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to start blogging again, I can at least let you know where I’m … Continue reading